We’re a small team of dedicated designers and creatives. We’ve chosen this dynamic because we believe we can offer a better service for our clients… our approach is a very personal one, we like to dedicate as much time as we need to making your project a success. We listen when we need to, there’s no point running away with our concepts and egos without the insight of the clients wants and needs. We’re a success because we research your brand before we even put pencil to paper.



We can help to define and communicate your business goals…

we listen when we need to, there’s no point running away with our concepts

and egos’ without the insight of the clients wants and needs.


We believe your brand identity is your 1st stepping stone to win over new customers and to project a professional and competent image and because we believe its so important we like to find out as much about your business and how you’d like to be seen from the outside as we can.

We also believe that your brand shouldn’t cost a fortune, after all 70% of our clients who request a corporate logo/brand are new start-ups and we’d like to think our “off the shelf” start-up packs help to launch your new venture rather than crippling it.


One of our passions is packaging, whether its

concepts you require of finished product.

We have some of the best board and print manufactures in the country in our contact list and because we’ve been dealing with them for years we can guaranty the best prices.

Having designed more than 1000 pieces of packaging over the last 16 years we can safely say we know the business inside and out and if required to we’d be more than happy to manage the process from start to finish or just be there to help with any questions you may have.


You have an intellectual property.

Have you ever thought about producing a video for it? ...to place on your website or share on social media?

Video is one of the most powerful online marketing tools. Here at Opaque Design we know that prospective clients are more likely to watch a short video on your website than read pages of text.


Whenever we take on a new project, we don’t stop till we understand the company’s character and vision through and through. This enables us to generate Print Design solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We make it a point to know the ins and outs of both our client and their industry when coming up with new ideas. From the initial design concept to the final outcome, our team works hard towards effectively bringing our clients’ vision to life.


We’ve been working with web design and digital media for more than 16 years, anything from

e-mailers to games/software interface.


Designing everything in Photoshop so once you're happy with the final layout you can hand the build ready files in a format easy for the developer to build. 

If you don’t have a developer in mind we can suggest one we trust and regularly use and we’ll help you manage the process every step of the way.


Everyone’s talking about social media and how it can help enhance your business, seems everyone’s an expert!

Come and have a chat with us and we’ll see how we could push your brand forward, whether it’s a simple competition, setting up a business page or a boosted post… let us make it simple and straightforward from the start.

Designer/Web Production

Paul started out in lithographic printing moving into packaging design and brand identities, with a grounding in media and marketing.

Paul McIver


Designer/Video Production

Simon started out in design

25 years ago working on packaging and animation, moving into

video editor.

Simon Jones

Nick's written for such prestigious

titles as The Guardian, The Telegraph, Men's Health, FourFourTwo, Sport magazine, rock bibles Q and Kerrang! 

Nick Harper


"Paul and the team at Opaque Design have taken our marketing and branding to another level. From the company line card to business cards and soon to be the web site they have delivered on our ideas beyond expectations."

Phil Clarke Director of Product Marketing
Easby Electronics Ltd

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